About us

Meet our team

Every member of our team is passionate about aviation. We are ready to help you with any questions you may have. Our focus is addressing the individual needs of each client and making sure they are comfortable at all times.

Tim de Meijer
Chief Executive Officer
+32 (0)474 44 33 12

Rob Schreurs
Fleet Captain PC12
+32 (0)496 38 43 84

Simon Schutyser
Sales Manager
+32 (0)494 59 72 85

Tom Deprez
Operations Manager & Pilot
+32 (0)494 86 48 32

Willem Rongé
Maintenance Manager
+32 (0)478 02 69 65

Tom Candaele
Training Manager & Pilot
+32 (0)486 03 35 28

Our mission statement

Flying is personal again.

Our mission is to make private aviation personal and approachable again. The key to achieving that is operating in a transparent and cost-effective way.

We strongly believe a personal approach is the way to go. From the moment we get in touch with a potential client, we engage in finding out their specific needs. We take pride in always being one step ahead and meeting a client’s request before he even makes it. Every single detail is taken into account.

Our vision statement

Our team vision is to dynamically develop our fast-growing aviation company. We will maintain our healthy amount of passion and professionalism. The common goal will always be client gratification and we strive to invest in long-term relationships with clients as well as partners.

Our story

NextGen Aviation Group was founded in 2011, based on an urge to renew the concept of private aviation and make it approachable and affordable again. Today, flying privately is often less expensive than taking a regular scheduled flight. As a client, you are completely in charge of your own schedule and significantly reduce your travel time.

We are the first Belgian company to offer the advanced fractional ownership program. This unique concept allows you to easily co-own a brand new private aircraft. Whether you want to be in the cockpit yourself or have it flown by one of our experienced pilots, is entirely up to you.

Find out more about advanced fractional ownership on our NextGen Partners platform.